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The confusion of Lasting Power of Attorney forms

Lasting Power of Attorney forms can be confusing and daunting at the best of times, there are 24 pages to deal with. You can spend hours on the internet researching the information, not fully understanding the meaning or the language of what is involved exactly …

And then still not get yours done, which is what you really need and want to do, isn’t it?

It can be frustrating and overwhelming…

And then you hear there are not one, but 3 different types of powers of attorney. ohh…!

It goes on the back boiler again, leave it for another day, another year which may never come…

In the meantime

And in that time you or a loved one may have been diagnosed with a life changing and limiting illness, and then you really won’t feel like or have the energy it takes to be able to do your Lasting Power of Attorney Forms….

If it’s left too late..

If you haven’t filled in the Lasting Power of Attorney Forms and had them registered, and you no longer have the mental capacity to make these decisions any longer, then your family will need to apply to the Court of Protection to be able to make these decisions for you on your behalf.

And then, the headaches and stress really start …..

When no Lasting Power of Attorney Forms have been registered in advance

Without filling in the Lasting Power of Attorney Forms in advance, you will have to fill in the unending paperwork and requirements by the Court of Protection.

To do this, you will probably need to go through a solicitor to help you understand all the red tape, jargon, and of course, then have to find hundreds and thousands of pounds to apply for the deputyship of your loved one.

You have to report to the Court of Protection for every financial decision you want to make, even if you have a joint account.

I really wouldn’t advise this and have heard it’s a nightmare for the families…

To summarise

Filling in and registering your Lasting Power of Attorney forms can seem very daunting and confusing. It’s something that can easily be put off doing time and time again.

But the reality i, if you or one of your family loses mental capacity and you haven’t got your Lasting Power of Attorney forms filled in and registered, then it will be a stressful and costly time for all involved trying to get deputyship, from the Court of Protection.

That’s why getting your Lasting Power of Attorney forms done and registered, can bring you more peace of mind than you will ever know!

And this is where I come in, I can help you get this done.

No more nagging thoughts about doing it - just done and dusted.

Free up your headspace and time for something you really want to be doing!!

If you want support with filling in your Lasting Power of Attorney Forms, I would love to support you with this. Book a call with me today.

Read more about the Lasting Power of Attorney package where I offer guidance and support every step of the way.

Book an Empower Hour to get clear on how to apply for Lasting Power of Attorney, and the decisions and information needed to prepare for this.

Read how in getting my friend’s lasting power of attorney done, he was able to have a dignified last month of his life, having his Attorneys act as his advocate at a very challenging and stressful time.

Join my private Facebook group - No Regrets where I share valuable content on all aspects of end-of-life planning, top tips, and plus we're a lovely worldwide community supporting each other.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you found this supportive in moving forward with getting your Lasting Power of Attorney in place.

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