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Empower Hour 

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There can be nothing worse than feeling helpless and not knowing what to do in times as stressful and upsetting as when a loved one or ourselves have been given a diagnosis or in the lead up or after the death of a loved one.  


However,  if we have the information, documents in place and know and make our choices  beforehand, then we are in a much better place to deal with things in a loving and empowering way. 


And this will save you a lot of money and unnecessary stress and added heartache. 

Book a one to one call where you can get all the relevant information for yourself or a loved one that you need to support you in preparing for end of life matters. 


It could be finding out what is actually needed, knowing where /who to be talking to, not knowing who to talk to, and getting things done. 


For example: 


  • In terms of writing your Will, you may be unable to move forward with this as you don’t know who to choose as the Executor for your Will or how to go about asking them.


  • Who to choose to be your Attorneys for your Lasting Power of Attorneys or getting clear on what a Powers of Attorney actually is or understanding the legal jargon and forms that can be off-putting and daunting.


  • Wanting to talk with a friend or loved one about end of life, but feeling uncomfortable or unsure about how to go about it or even what to say. 


  • A checklist for an end of life folder 


  • Or wanting accountability to get “that form” filled in that’s been sitting on your shelf or in your inbox gathering dust as you put it off until “tomorrow”  


To see if I can support you with any of the above or anything else related to end of life planning, then please do get in touch. via email:

This is for you if...

  • You feel overwhelmed, daunted or anxious about putting anything in place but knowing that you need to. 

  • You feel confused about who you need to be talking to or understanding the legalese jargon!

  • You don’t have a clue what steps you need to take or how or where to start  

  • Have aging parents and need to know what to have in place for supporting them and yourself

         Or if you:                    

  • Want to have peace of mind knowing that everything is in place for both yourself and your loved ones for a time when it is needed. 

  • You are busy or don’t want to do the research about what you need to do

  • Want to get clear on your next steps. 

  • You don’t know who you need to be talking to

  • Want to take action and not put this off any longer and would appreciate the support 

This is not for you if ...

  • You need Legal, Financial or Medical advice.

  • Need professional counselling for a Bereavement

  • Are suffering from depression or feeling suicidal. Please call the Samaritans on 116123 for 24/7 support.

To see if I can support you with any of the above or anything else related to end of life planning, then please do get in touch:

                                                   Thank you so much,

                                                                Mala x


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Name, Title

"Because my husband and I are in our seventies I felt fairly well prepared for all the issues surrounding end of life and the kind of information that would help the survivors. After this remarkable session with Mala I can see there were many things that had not occurred to me.


First of all Mala is compassionate and sensitive and knows how to discuss these sometimes difficult subjects. 

I am so grateful to Mala for all her help. She has a deep knowledge of and experience with ALL the kinds of decisions that will need to be made and gave me the motivation and confidence to follow through with gathering information and making decisions". 

Diana Mitchell, USA

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"It was beautiful to do the session with you.  So great to know what needs to be done to support all my beloved in the best way in case of my death and to know how to plan a death in a way that honours me too. 

Before I came I thought I did not want to think about it, but now that we talked it through and learned how to plan for death the weight has fallen off. 

I feel much more at peace with my own death and that of beloved ones. I can see more clearly what is needed, how to do it and how to benefit when facing the death of others or my own." 

Steffie, owner and founder of Green Futures,  Bristol

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"This is to thank Mala for her support for our friend Pyasa aka David Hone in his last year.


Pyasa began to think about having a Lasting power of attorney and writing his will about a year ago. He looked into it all and obtained the appropriate paperwork and partly filled it in but never completed it. 


Especially having the documents signed and witnessed.

He mentioned this to Mala later in the year who immediately took charge and ensured that Pyasa finished all of them and then ensured they were signed and witnessed appropriately.


Without Mala‘s commitment, drive, energy and support this would never have happened and Pyasa would have died intestate and without anyone being able to take control of his last few months and ensure he was properly cared for in his closing weeks.


Because of Mala‘s commitment and involvement Pyasa was cared for  properly with dignity in hospital, his flat and finally in the care Home where he sadly died."

Peter Frank (Pyasa‘s oldest living friend)

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"My husband had a stroke in September having already had a TIA in late July.


Since he had fully recovered from the TIA, it didn't cross my mind to organise a Power of Attorney.

The week he went into hospital after the stroke, Mala came to stay at Osho Leela for a week's retreat. She offered her support straight away. It seemed godly that she was here at that exact moment.

We sat on my veranda and she spoke about the difficulties that can arise if I don't have a POA or am not a named executor of his will. It was very clear to me that these were things that were important and bring ease if and when needed, further down the line.


Having spoken with Mala, I went straight to my computer and started getting a POA form filled out. 


A week later, I also helped my husband make a will and create an advanced decision. Probably because these things aren't for me, it was all easier to do but now I know that it's not such a big deal sorting these things out and infinitely easier when there is someone else sitting with you, going through the form, supporting the process, as I did with him


Thank you, Mala, for being right here with your expertise and encouragement to get the ball moving." 


Anon, Dorset 

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Empower Hour lives up to it's name! 

Thanks so much for that empowerment hour I just had with you.  It certainly lived up to it's name!


I realise that I can't put it off forever and it's up to me to state my needs and wants regarding any end of life situations and in case I need any instructions regarding my health, welfare and finances. 

What do I really want to happen?


I now know in which areas I need to speak to friends and family and get some official paperwork sorted....


After the initial free 15 minutes with you where I was quite emotional at the reality of speaking about death and things I hadn't even considered - I now feel empowered and more like a grown up!  I can't leave this for others to decide for me - I need to make it happen whilst I have great health and a sound and wise mind.  :o)


Your knowledge and personal experience is very much appreciated.  As is your care and sensitivity. 


Thank you.  

Gaye Williams 

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To find out more about any of the services offered, please do get in touch. So happy to be of  help! 

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