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Want to have a chat? 

It may be that you don't know where to begin or would like to find out what "end of life planning" actually involves. 

You may be procrastinating over getting your Will or your Lasting Power of Attorney in place, or thinking about what songs you would want played at your funeral, even though you have the best of intentions. 

It may be that you don't know who to choose to ask be the Executor of your Will or don't know who to leave your worldly belongings to and this stops you from making a start with getting your Will written. 

Or it could be that you find it hard to talk to your family about any of this, and would like to just have a chat with someone who's not emotionally involved. 

Whatever your concern, please do drop me a line at: and we can book a time to have a chat. 
                       Mala x

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