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Introduction to end-of-life planning 







There can be nothing worse than laying awake at night, with worrying thoughts flying around your head about what will happen to your loved ones when you die and knowing that you haven’t got anything in place and feeling completely helpless (and guilty) about it.


Knowing that you really ought to make a start having “that” conversation with your kids (but keep putting it off) because you don’t want to upset them. 


No-one else wants to talk about it either saying it’s morbid and not wanting or liking you to “talk like that”. 


You really want to make sure they are taken care of after you’ve gone, and don’t want any rifts to ensue in the family, but can’t bring yourself to making a start or not knowing exactly what’s needed. 










I hear you, and it’s not easy trying to figure this out on your own. 


And the good news don’t have to! 









This 45 minutes end -of -life planning introduction call will enable you to  get clear on what you need your according to your current circumstances and what your next steps are:

It is an opportunity to talk through all the elements of end of life planning, one at a time, ask questions and express any concerns or worries you might have in a fully confidential space. 


You will receive:


  • A tailored plan and checklist for your end of life documents folder

  • A recording of our call together 

  • Relevant resources

  • The knowledge and support in knowing what you need to do next! 


                                             This is for you if...


You’re not sure what’s involved in end of life planning 


You are worried about leaving a mess for your children or partner to sort out and would hate for it to be a burden on them. 


You don’t want any rifts to come in the family due to you not sorting anything out beforehand. 


You want to support others in knowing what they need to do and what your wishes are, to avoid any added stresses for them.  


Are 18 and over


                                            This is not for you if...


You want legal or medical advice 

Need professional counselling for a Bereavement 

Are suffering from depression or feeling suicidal. Please call the Samaritans on 116123 


You are under 18


Price: £75

To find out more or to book a call with me, please email me:



                                      Thank you so much, Mala xx





























Not sure this is for you? Book your free 15 minutes call for a chat. 





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