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Dying with Dignity thanks to having his Lasting Power of Attorney

Peter Frank - Pyasa's oldest friend of 55 years.

"This is to thank Mala for her support for our friend Pyasa aka David in his last year of life."

Pyasa with his favourite guitar

"Pyasa began to think about having a Lasting Powers of Attorney about a year ago. He looked into it all and obtained the appropriate paperwork and partly filled it in but never completed it. Especially having the documents signed and witnessed....

He mentioned this to Mala later in the year who immediately took charge and ensured that Pyasa finished all of them and then ensured they were signed and witnessed appropriately. Without Mala‘s commitment, drive, energy and support this would never have happened and Pyasa would have died without anyone being able to take control of his last few months and ensure he was properly cared for in his closing weeks. Because of Mala‘s commitment and involvement Pyasa was cared for properly with dignity in hospital, his flat and finally in the care Home where he sadly died".

Pyasa and Me in his final month of life

Peter and Pyasa on holiday in Benidorm in the 1960's

If you would like support in getting your Lasting Power of Attorney in place, then please book a call in with me

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Thank you for reading!

Mala x

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