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                Celebration of a Life -                   Funeral preparation and planning

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As with any major event in life, like a wedding, a birth or a holiday - funerals also need to be planned and prepared for. 

But unlike these, we don’t usually think or want to do this in advance, shopping around for the best service for our requirements. Therefore not knowing what to expect when walking into a Funeral Directors both practically and cost wise.


It's usually a matter of googling “Funeral Directors near me” and taking the first one, even if they aren’t the right one, or can’t do as you would wish, or don’t tell you what your choices really are.  


When it comes to the time of having to organise a Funeral, after our loved ones may have been ill for a time or died suddenly, we are usually exhausted both emotionally and physically, grieving and not in the best place to make important and costly financial decisions.  




By planning in advance we can make this whole process so much more relaxed on both our health (and our wallets!)  and take the time to consider what we or our loved ones would really want and would be a true reflection of  their lives. 


 As the Funeral Industry is unregulated, this means prices can vary dramatically from one funeral director to another, and the true cost is not always advertised or displayed up front. (changes are coming in this regard!)  

   And it's not the thing we usually want to go shopping around for either beforehand or at this tender time after the death of a loved one, although it is possible to organise the whole funeral yourself as using a Funeral Director is not a legal requirement.  


 Together in this time together, we will consider and explore all the possible options and what is of most importance to you or for others. 

 This includes the steps needed to be taken after someone dies, as depending on where a person dies, these will vary,  including after-death care, planning for all aspects of a funeral, ways of paying for a funeral, and recording all of this in a document to leave for the people who will be organising and arranging it. 

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The Cost for this bespoke service is £350 

This includes: 
2 x one to one 60min meetings online 
Email support inbetween calls 
Relevant resources
Detailed Funeral Wishes document with guidelines 

This service is for you if...

  • You want to save your family and friends the added grief of having to arrange a funeral for you without knowing what you would want. 

  • You want to be clear on what is involved in organising a funeral and what decisions need to be made.

  • Would rather the extra money be left for your loved ones instead of  paying for a huge funeral bill.

  • If you want to have control over the type of funeral that is held for you rather than what others decide.

  • You have a funeral to organise for loved ones in the near future or at some stage.

  • Would like have personalised one to one support, information, resources, contacts and non- judgemental support and guidance.

  • Would like to have the time and confidential space to explore your choices and preferences 

This servcie is not for you if..

  • You want to buy a Funeral Plan from me, as I do not sell these. 

  • You want Financial, Medical or Legal advice

To find out more about how I can support you with Funeral preparation & planning, please do get in touch and send me a message via email:

                                             Thank you so much,
                                                          Mala x

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