Why would I need to make a Lasting Powers of Attorney?

Updated: May 21

Yesterday on one of my End of Life Planning coaching calls - I was supporting someone with their Lasting Powers of Attorney.

They asked me the perfect question "WHY would I need to make a Lasting Powers of Attorney?"

To answer this, ask yourself the following questions:

"Who would I want and TRUST IMPLICITLY to make important decisions about EVERY aspect of MY Health and Welfare including Life Sustaining Treatments and Dying?

Who would I TRUST IMPLICITLY for looking after all aspects of my Property & Finances (including my Business) ?

WOULD IT BE: A loved-one, relative or a friend who knows and loves me and makes decisions on what is in MY best interest in terms of WHO I AM when I cannot do this for myself?


A total stranger, who does not know ANYTHING about me, my life, my values, my passions, my likes, my dislikes?

For me it's a no-brainer. If someone fed me brussel sprouts, tea or coffee and stuck me in front of a TV all day and kept me alive when there was no quality of life, and did not honour my values or preferences, I know who I would choose!!!

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