Putting on my new hat as an Executor

Updated: Oct 28

When my role as my friend’s Attorney for their LPA which ended upon their death, I began my role as acting as one of their Executors of their Will and Estate.

Depending on the person’s circumstances, whether they owned property, had assets, family, a business, then the role of an ExecutorAfter will vary in terms of what needs to be done and the length of time it will take to sort out. (Bob Marley’s estate is still being sorted out to this day!!)

Thankfully my friend’s estate was pretty straightforward, but still much to do, and was especially challenging whilst grieving. Even though they did not own property, we still needed to deal with the Landlord, who was very kind and supportive throughout.

The day after the Funeral we had both the practical and emotional role of cleaning and packing down their home and belongings in a very short space of time as the landlord’s other property had had a fire and he needed to rehouse people.

Very thankful for the friends and neighbours who came to help us!

My next job was to distribute items from the Estate, one of which was posting a Guitar to Austria (which included a few trips down to the Post Office!).

I am so grateful to have another friend sharing the responsibilities and role of being our dear friend’s Executors, as there can be a LOT for one person to deal with, especially at such a tender and raw time.

By being a person’s Executor, you are in a position of absolute trust and integrity to honour that person’s wishes and instructions, and I for one am honoured that I was asked to be one for my dear friend.

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