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Stepping into the Role of an Executor

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Upon my friend's death, my role as their Attorney for their Lasting Power of Attorney ended. I then began my Role as the executor of their Will and Estate.

There are many duties to be carried out in the role of an executor, ranging from registering the person's death, organising their funerals and dealing with their Estate and Property.

What needs to be done in the Role of an Executor

The duties carried out in the role of an Executor depend on a person’s circumstances upon their death. For instance, whether they owned property, had assets, family, children, a business etc

will influence what needs to be done and the length of time it will take to sort out. (Bob Marley’s estate is still being sorted out to this day!!)

Thankfully my friend’s estate was pretty straightforward, but still, there was much to do and was especially challenging whilst grieving. Even though they did not own property, we still needed to liaise with the Landlord and utility companies, all of whom were kind and supportive throughout.

Packing Down my Friend's Home After the Funeral

The day after the Funeral we had both the practical and emotional role of cleaning and packing down their home and belongings in a very short space of time. (48 hours!)

One of the landlord’s other properties had had a fire and he needed to rehouse people, so instead of having a whole month to pack down the flat, we had a weekend. This was also because the friends who were helping had limited availability.

Thankfully many friends and neighbours came to help us!

man 2 women smiling glasses blue shirt front door 4G

Tanmayo, and Sidika come to the rescue!

Role of an Executor - Distributing the Estate

My next job was to distribute items from the Estate, one of which was posting a Guitar to Austria (which included a few trips down to the Post Office!).

By being in the Role of an Executor, you are in a position of absolute trust

In being a person's Executor, you are in a position of absolute trust and integrity to honour and carry out that person’s wishes and instructions. I for one am honoured that I was asked to be the Executor for my dear friend, along with another Executor sharing these responsibilities. There is a LOT to do, and in my experience too much for one person to deal with, especially at such a tender and raw time.

As you can see, in taking on the Role of an Executor, there are many roles and responsibilities within this, from organising the Funeral to packing down the person's belongings and home, liaising with landlords or selling their property, and distributing their estate according to their Will. All of these at a time that may be tender and raw in our grieving for the person who has died.

guitar hard case leaning against wall bubblewrap parcel tape wooden floor white wall

One of Pyasa's treasured guitars ready to go to it's new home in Austria.

If you are named as a person's Executor and are not sure what is involved in these Responsibilities and Roles as an Executor, then book an Empower Hour with me to find out.

Read my own personal experiences of how making a Will greatly supported me after my dad's unexpected death.

Join my private Facebook group - No Regrets - for free valuable content, tips, and a wonderful community supporting each other.

Book a 15-minute call with me to chat about any of the aspects mentioned.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you find this helpful!

Mala x

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