Making peace with my past

Updated: May 21

For me personally, when it comes to having No Regrets when I die, an important part is making peace with myself, specifically in relation to the PEOPLE of my past whom I maybe fell out with, or lost touch with.

Bringing closure to a situation that still lurks in my mind and am still feeling uncomfortable with when I recall this years later. For me it is about taking responsibility for my part, and not to expect the other person to feel the same. After all, we can only take responsibility for our own behaviour and cannot do this of other’s.

i recently did this with a friend I had fallen out with 17 years ago whilst staying with her in San Francisco. I wrote a letter apologising for my part in our fallout and then the unexpected happened!

Complete gratitude for her and years of friendship came flooding through as I was writing and I thanked her for her generosity and years of friendship. I did not expect to receive a response and I did not receive one, but in doing this I made complete peace with myself and spent no more time thinking or worrying about this.

This weekend I am back in the area of my home town which I left 17 years ago, going on a round the world trip for 16 months and then setting in Bristol upon my return. I never got back in touch with my old friends.

I blanked my past which I associated with uncomfortable and painful memories, and even though my life and myself has transformed beyond recognition, those past relationships and the part I played still haunt me.

This weekend I am fully facing my past and laying these “ghosts “ to rest, once and for all, whatever response I receive. Wish me luck!

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