Making peace with my past..updated!

Updated: May 21

This weekend for my birthday, I gave myself the biggest gift of all, laying the ghosts of the past to rest that were associated with my home town and old friends I had fallen out 17 years ago.

I turned up at the first house, with a bunch of flowers in hand and letting myself be open to whatever response I received! (whilst shaking in my boots, lol!)

I got a beautiful and welcoming response and we spent the next 4 hours catching up on the lost years. Magic!

The next day, I went to another old friend's house who I had stopped speaking to. When they didn't answer the door I wrote a letter and put it in the letterbox, apologizing for not speaking to him before I left all those years ago and thanking him for his years of friendship and support.

The feelings of relief are HUGE in doing this and now I can spend that energy that I had spent thinking and further avoiding this, on something fun, wahoo!

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