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Yesterday I had a scary experience that made me realise my own mortality

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Yesterday I had a scary experience that made me realise my own mortality and the importance of having end-of-life plans in place in advance.

I was out yesterday and my eyesight suddenly became a bit blotchy, then my vision was filled with zigzag lines when my eyes both shut and closed.

I tried reading out loud but suddenly found that I didn’t know how to or how to say the words.

I have never experienced anything like this in my life before.

It got me thinking about what was happening, what MIGHT be happening. Was this the beginning of something more sinister or life-limiting -my family history, strokes, and brain tumors, stoking the fire?

It also made me think of people who experienced strokes, brain injuries, and Dementia, how it feels for them when their body and mind are deteriorating. It must be very frightening.

The illusion of immortality

It also made me realise that I am not immortal and that my body will start to deteriorate the older I get.

I do not get to escape from dying.

And there is a tiny bit of me that believes that death happens to other people -.not me, not at this time, or only maybe when I’m really, really old - and even maybe not then too!

woman smiling red scarf xmas day new haircut

I was also very thankful and relieved to have got my end-of-life plans in place in advance.

I know the importance of getting my end-of-life plans in place in advance because I have been there when others are nearing the end of their lives, I know what’s involved both at the time and afterward.

And I know when something does happen to me, and if I lose the capacity to make decisions and sense of the world, then my Attorneys who love and care for me will know what to do and what my wishes are,

They know how I want to be treated, both medically, physically, and spiritually. They know what is important to me in terms of quality of life.

I also have my Will in place, accompanied by my memorandum of wishes, all my accounts, and passwords are written down, for both my business and personal life.

My household information is recorded, as are my funeral wishes, all kept together in my folder for when it’s needed.

Thankfully it looks like the scary experience was an ocular migraine, the doctors are checking this out. In the meanwhile, I have peace of mind that I have everything in place, just in case.

If you suddenly became sick, is your end life plan already in place?

Do you know what needs to be done when a partner, child or family member dies?

If the answer is NO to either of these questions, then call me, let’s get you sorted by getting your end-of-life plans in place in advance!

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and the benefits they received when getting their end-of-life plans in place in advance.

Thank you for reading, if this has been useful to you, please feel free to share. Mala x

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