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The Realities behind the Care Home Glossy Brochures

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Things have been super busy supporting my beautiful friend as we began preparing for moving into a Care setting, where they will receive all the Nursing care and support they need at this time.

I have been coordinating with CHC (community health care), doctors, and viewing nursing care home and recording photos and videos of the available choices to show my friend

Thanks to my experience and time working with Alive Activities for 9 years in many care homes, I already knew both of the Care Homes that were offered and knew the realities behind the brochures.

Amongst my friend's wishes are 'fresh air" and "people' , as they spend a lot of time on their own. The winning place is right on the Downs in Clifton, a beautiful building, massive garden, patios with wheelchair access and paths.

Their room is spacious and the view has trees swaying in the breeze, fresh air coming through the windows.

The staff have mostly worked there for 10 years + and it has a family feel to the place.

We as friends can visit daily, and I can stop worrying about their safety, whether they have taken their medication or not, or are drinking enough, and being the coordinator of many, many things, lol!

I can just be their friend again and spend quality time with them in this precious remaining time.

If you are supporting a loved one and would like some support for yourself or them, please book a free call with me.

Join my private Facebook group- No Regrets - for valuable content, top tips and a wonderfully supportive community.

Much love and gratitude to you

Mala x

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