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Save money on funeral costs by planning ahead - your family will thank you for it.

Are you aware that you can save yourself a small fortune on Funeral costs by planning ahead?

And No, I'm not talking about pre-paid funeral plans...

I’m talking about becoming aware of the decisions needed to be made, the choices available and the costs involved (which vary from one funeral director to another).

Just like you would if you were planning a wedding or buying a car. In planning ahead, you can save money on funeral costs

I’m talking about the many decisions needed to make that will come as a shock to you if left to the time of need with you and your family being caught like deer in the headlights when vulnerable in grief.

It’s about starting the conversation with friends and loved ones, getting clear on your wishes or those of a family member or friend. A high percentage of people still don’t want to talk about death and dying, and then it’s left too late when the time comes. Read my experiences of my mum’s death when no conversations were had.

Here’s 3 ways how to save money on funeral costs

Talk to family members and friends - cremation or burial?

Finding out if a loved one would prefer cremation or burial can save money on funeral costs. The costs between cremation and burial are vastly different, with burial being more expensive. Don’t rely on writing it in your Will and leaving it at that.

There have been many cases where the Will wasn’t read (or found) until after the person’s funeral and they actually wanted the opposite of what they received, ie cremation instead of a natural burial or vice versa, and the family had to deal with added guilt on top of everything else they were dealing with.

Who are your local funeral directors?

After a person dies, it's usually a case of googling “funeral director near me” and then going to the first one on the list. But are they the best one for what you want?

Are they owned by a big corporation under the guise of an independent whose profits are £315 million a year? (yes you heard right!) or smaller independent funeral directors?

If they are a major company, would you want your or a loved one’s body going off to a huge industrial unit to be cared for along with hundreds of others, or to a small funeral director

where it’s more intimate and less like a production line?

Funeral directors pricing will vary from one to another for the same services and products. It's only very recently that the Funeral Industry has been made accountable about their services and charges, and now has to display their prices and become transparent.

And besides, are you really going to have the energy or will to change funeral directors once you have started in discussions with them or have the body of your loved one in their care?

The answer is probably not. You will be too distraught to do such a thing. Do yourself the biggest of favours, find out who your local funeral directors are and have a chat with them. This will save you money on funeral costs in advance

To be embalmed or not to be? - that is the (expensive) question.

President Abraham Lincoln’s hearse in Springfield, Illinois, in 1865.

Photo by Samuel Montague Fassett. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Most people don’t even consider this factor. Although it’s more popular in the U.S the UK are not far behind. Originally embalming was all about preserving a dead body, and even taking it on tour, like U.S. President Abraham Lincolnk in the day…

It’s a procedure that is done to make people look more, well…alive!

It can also restore a person's body for presenting to the family, after dying by less natural causes and also in cases of repatriation from another country.

It is an invasive procedure whereby the body is pumped with carcinogenic chemicals so it's not an ecologically sound option if not deemed necessary.

Embalming is not a legal requirement, it’s a choice, so just knowing this will save money on funeral costs.

To Conclude..

If you want to be prepared so that you or a family member or loved one aren’t like a deer in the headlights when the time comes, but don’t want to spend hours doing all the research, can’t talk to loved ones about this, but still want to save money on funeral costs, then come and talk to me.

I have done 1000s of hours of research about all various aspects of funerals, am experienced in the different aspects of organising funerals and the decisions needed and choices available. I am part of the network of Funeral Directors in the UK and a member of The Good Funeral Guild.

Book an Empower Hour with me to get an overview of what is needed to be considered with planning for a funeral.

Book my Funeral Planning & Preparation package and save yourself thousands by doing so.

Join my private Facebook group - No Regrets where I share valuable content on all aspects of end-of-life planning, top tips, and plus we're a lovely worldwide community supporting each other.

Thank you for reading, Mala x

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