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Rebel with a Cause

Updated: May 21

I have always been a bit of a rebel and free spirit since a young age, and was never one to follow rules or liked being told what to do. I liked to have the liberty to be able to choose how I live, what I wear (and how I have my hair).

And when it comes to planning for the end of my life, this is no exception!

What I do NOT want:

The Government deciding on who gets my property, assets and my possessions, any potential family conflicts OR for the Crown to inherit the lot if I don’t have any surviving family!

My children under the age of 18 being taken into care and their future being decided on by the Courts and placed with someone who I wouldn’t have chosen.

To be resuscitated or receive life- sustaining treatments if I become incapacitated and/ or “brain-addled” in my 90s (or younger) and there was no chance of a full recovery or decent quality of life.

To have the body that I took such good care of in life to be pumped full of carcinogenic embalming fluids so I can look “well” at my funeral.

What I CHOOSE to happen is:

To have my Will in place so that it is easier for my family and friends to know exactly who gets what, what they need to do and where they can find the Will

To have my Lasting powers of Attorney and Advanced Directives in place to safeguard my wishes and choices for my care and quality of life.

To die at home surrounded by loved ones with dignity and respect

For my family and friends to know exactly my choices (and budget) when arranging my funeral and not adding any extra stress in having to make difficult decisions or spending loads of money and getting in debt because of it.

It feels SO good to make my choices known and to get all this in place.

What do you choose for yourself and for the experience of your loved ones?

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