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On the way to the Funeral

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

So this morning is the funeral of my beloved friend Pyasa

woman brown jacket car smiling shoulder length hair car driving

It won't be the holy fire of the burning ghats in India like he would have had if he'd have been in Pune, but it will be the next best thing here in Bristol, where he lived for many years

He wanted a no-fuss direct cremation, which we are honouring plus having a service and celebration of his life for us, his dear family, and friends

We picked out the most fitting of coffins for him, covered in musical notes and scales, and he is dressed in his treasured Osho mala and white robe.

The perfect outfit for being reunited with both his beloved Guru and Master Osho and his precious birth mother again after living a lifetime apart.

It has been such an incredible journey up until now, and I will miss my dear friend, but I know he is walking beside me through life, never far away.

We have worked our socks off creating and organising the details of the funeral, service, and wake afterward back at his flat.

Plus all the other things involved, including ordering Death certificates, registering for Tell us once service, meeting with the funeral directors last-minute stresses with the cleaner not actually cleaning and having to hand back his flat next week, much earlier than expected, and more to come with Probate and the Will.

All this, carried out with so much love, devotion, gratitude and grace throughout and so ready for a well-earned break staying as a guest at Osho Leela!

To read more about preparations and planning a funeral, read my blog: Planning for a Funeral.

If you would like to get clear on your choices and preferences for your own funeral preparations and planning or for of a loved one, then please feel free to book a 15-minute call with me

To read about my Funeral Preparation & Planning service- Celebration of a Life, click here.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you found it helpful

Mala x

man woman bench garden workbench yellow water bottle smiling wall yellow wood arms folded grey hair shorts

Pyasa & I feeling very proud of ourselves building a garden bench!

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