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I got the all- clear!!

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Today I am feeling immensely relieved and so grateful to be healthy and alive after a potential life - changing appointment at Southmead Hospital's Breast Care Centre on Tuesday.

It's amazing how everything can change in an instant, and upon opening the letter that was waiting for me after a wonderful weekend away by the sea, it did just that.

I can share with you that my priorities changed in an instant. Focus on Work, money, and concentration on anything else rather than being in that very moment instantly evaporated and my priority was to tell my family and friends just how much I loved them. In this sense ,it was a complete gift.

I realised that any concerns about getting end of life matters in order went completely out the window!

It made me thankful that I have got everything in place and just how important it is to do this BEFORE getting sick.

woman smiling relief

The NHS staff were completely brilliant and so lovely. My heart goes out to all the women in that waiting room and those who have gone before me as they wait to hear the news that will change the course of their lives.

I think of my brave and courageous friend Nirjana who entered the same Hospital doors nearly 4 years ago now and tragically died at such a young age.

Thank goodness my results were non- cancerous and I want to thank all my family and dear friends for their loving support at this time and for the Teachings of Ziji Rinpoche and Short Moments for the complete stability and ease of mind whatever is occurring in life.

If you are experiencing something similar and would like some support, please get in touch.

Read others' experiences of working with me.

Join my private Facebook group - No Regrets where I share valuable content on all aspects of end-of-life planning, top tips, and plus we're a lovely worldwide community supporting each other.

So much love and gratitude to you all!

Mala xx

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