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How To Live a Life with No Regrets

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

What is truly stopping us from facing getting our end-of-life plans in place?

In life, we plan and prepare for just about everything, from major events such as birth, weddings, birthdays, holidays, starting school, work, to shopping, what we will wear, or what we want to eat etc, etc.

And yet we ignore the next biggest and most natural event next to birth, and that is our own death!

Some cultures celebrate death, and have festivals but, here in the West especially, we do not talk about it, or even want to think about it. And I was no different growing up, despite having a strong sense and fear of death from an early age.

And so when my dear dad died unexpectedly from a brain hemorrhage I was quite unprepared, with no warning and no time to say goodbye.

I remember him going out the door to church one Sunday evening and if I had known this was going to be the last time on earth I would ever see him, I would have got myself up off the sofa where I was nursing a hangover, and given him the biggest hug in the world, told him I loved him and thanked him for all he had ever done and meant to me.

But of course, I didn’t; we don’t always get this chance to say goodbye to the people we love and hold so dearly in our hearts.

I believe our fear of death holds us back from doing this whilst we are still alive, and taking for granted that we and our loved ones will always be here, cos it’s just too damn scary to think otherwise!

I remember dad once wanting to talk to me about getting his financial aspects in place and I retorted with “Dad! I don’t want to think about that! “ And no more was said on the matter…

There is also many superstitions around the subject of death or a belief that if we talk about our death’s it will somehow bring it on, tempting fate in some way.

three wise monkeys hear no evil speak no evil see no evil sitting

I can honestly say, hands-on one’s heart that in finally facing my own death, I can truly live my life. No Regrets, no what-ifs? Living as though this could be my final day, seeing the beauty and wonder in each and every moment and truly appreciating both myself and everyone I meet, seeing the amazingness of them also, of life, of nature, of the beauty.

Having meaningful relationships and interactions with everyone I meet. It’s just magical. It doesn’t mean I live recklessly, but truly value each and every precious breath I take and each and every moment.

And of course, I still make plans for tomorrow and how I want to spend the remainder of my time and whom to spend it with.

It is in the facing of our own mortality and End of life planning, that these gifts and treasures to be found. I would love to show you how!

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