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Eight Things To Do With a Person's Ashes

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Eight things to do with a person’s ashes

When working with clients on their Funeral Preparation and Planning, I am often asked what can be done with a person’s ashes?

As with everything else in modern life, when it comes to what to do with a person's ashes after they have died, we now have so many new choices - including some very unique things to do, some you may not have thought of!

Here are eight things to do with a person’s Ashes.

1. Scatter them at a special place

Most people have a favourite place to visit when they are alive, and it can be really special to take their ashes to this place and have a ceremony and scattering after they have died.

fireworks red rocket sky dark night time bright colours

2 Lighting up the sky in a firework

If they’ve ever wanted to go out with a bang or had their name in lights, then it’s possible to celebrate their life by having their ashes placed inside a firework and to set the sky alight.

There are a few companies now that specialize in offering Firework Displays and who also sell Self-Fire Fireworks so you can have your own private display.

Scattering Ashes and Heavenly Stars offer both these services and more!

3. Burying the ashes

A person’s ashes can be buried on private land that you own, in your garden, under a tree, natural burial ground, a churchyard, and if you have the council’s permission, on public land also.

4. Scattering the ashes into the sea

My dear friend Nirjana asked that upon her death, that her ashes be scattered at her favourite beach. We built a fire on the beach, toasted marshmallows, and sat around the fire sharing memories of our beloved friend before I stood at the edge on a rock and released her ashes into the sea. A word of caution - do check which way the wind is blowing before releasing the ashes! (Speaking from personal experience!)

5. Diamonds are forever jewellery

A person’s ashes can be kept forever close to you by being set inside a precious diamond or another piece of jewellery.

Scattering of Ashes offers an array of beautiful cremation jewellery including glass. gold and silver jewellery. pendants, rings, and bracelets

 orbit planet earth sun dark sky blue sea

6. Fly me to the moon (yes really!!)

Although we may not get to go to the moon in our lifetime, it is now possible to have a person’s ashes sent up to the moon!

Heavens above Memorial space flights offer packages from earth orbit to being at one with the cosmos in the voyager service.

viking boat welsh flag dragon st david's wicker badges green white red

7. A Viking send-off

Although a Viking-style funeral is illegal in the traditional sense, Viking urn boats are possible as a means of sending a person’s ashes out to the mighty sea or on a lake and setting them alight in true Viking style.

Cradle to the Grave. Cath and her partner Tosh design beautiful Viking caskets to give your loved one a send-off never to be forgotten-.

record player left hand pink blue vinyl needle arm

8. Play it again Sam - compressed into a vinyl record

A really unique opportunity to have a person’s ashes pressed into vinyl so that they live on through the recording, that can be replayed again and again for generations to come.

And Vinyly is one such company who offers this service.

So as you can see, in funeral preparation and planning, there are many choices when it comes to things to do with a person’s ashes. Whether it be flying them to the moon, set ablaze in a Viking Boat, or burying them with a tree planted on top, we can honour that person’s life in a way that they wished for.

Comment below if you know any other things to do with a person’s ashes or what you would wish for yourself!

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