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End of Life Planning - Empower Hour lives up to its name!

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Yesterday I met with Gaye for a tailored No Regrets - end of life planning Empower Hour.

During this hour, Gaye received all the information and resources about what is needed to get her end-of-life plans in place.

I shared from my own experience of supporting others in this process, and what needs to be considered, some of which are not always obvious and are overlooked.

Initial contact

Gaye originally reached out to me for a 15-minute call to talk about end-of-life planning, as it felt like the right time after recently losing a dear friend and family member, but she didn’t know where or how to start and needed some support and guidance.

We decided meeting for an Empower Hour would be the best way forward.

The Empower Hour

During the Empower Hour, I gave an introduction to all the different aspects and considerations for what was needed for Gaye’s end-of-life plans, according to her specific circumstances and what was important to her.

We talked through different options for choosing who would be the Executors for her Will, what needs to be put in a Will, regardless if we have monetary assets to leave or not, and the benefits of making a Will.

We also considered who will be left to take care of all the practicalities after death and their suitability according to their skills and strengths.

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Here's what Gaye had this to say about the Empower Hour:

"Thanks so much for that empowerment hour I just had with you. It certainly lived up to its name!

I realize that I can't put it off forever and it's up to me to state my needs and wants regarding any end-of-life situations and in case I need any instructions regarding my health, welfare, and finances.

What do I really want to happen?

I now know in which areas I need to speak to friends and family and get some official paperwork sorted...

After the initial free 15 minutes with you where I was quite emotional at the reality of speaking about death and things, I hadn't even considered - I now feel empowered and more like a grown-up!

I can't leave this for others to decide for me - I need to make it happen whilst I have great health and a sound and wise mind. :o)

Your knowledge and personal experience are very much appreciated.

As is your care and sensitivity.

Thank you.” Gaye Williams

End-of-life planning has many aspects and considerations to take into account, and not knowing where or how to start can be very overwhelming and disempowering.

If you would like to get a clear plan for what is needed for your personal situation and circumstances for end of life planning then you can book an initial 15 min call with me

Read about the Empower Hour.

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