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Do it for others

You may think that getting your end-of-life plan in place is frightening, morbid, "tempting fate" even, or “I don’t want to even THINK about, it thank you very much!”

BUT... how about if you consider doing this in terms of supporting others?

Doing it for them - your husband. your wife, your partner, your parents, your children. Your sister. your brother, your friends, and your community.

These are the people you are really doing it for.

Because they are going to be the ones who will be left to deal with everything at the time of your death.

They will be making phone calls to friends and family telling them the devastating news, contacting the officials & filling in the paperwork, registering your death, arranging your funeral, and talking to the bank when your account becomes frozen to try and get the money to pay for your funeral when the time comes.

They will be the ones having to go through your home, your phone or your computer trying to find your accounts and passwords for all your banking, household accounts, mortgage deed, rental agreements, birth certificates, not forgetting your personal items (and your underwear drawer!), etc

And make no mistake, they will most likely be in a state of shock (even when your death was expected) numb, grieving, feeling vulnerable, and raw as hell..

They probably won't be able to think straight, let alone have to make any big (and expensive) decisions in these moments and following hours, days, and weeks after your death.

Yet this is exactly what they will need to do.

And you would just hate to make things even harder for them at this most emotionally challenging and tender of times, wouldn’t you?

Think about it……

Have you ever been in a situation where you are late for work or an important meeting because you can’t find what your car keys, purse or phone?

Or actually, lost your purse or house keys and it’s knocked you off your centre, you’re frantic with panic and stress etc.

When someone you love has just died, these feelings are magnetized beyond the max.

It's sheer panic when you're not prepared.

If you don't know where to find the information and you're going through piles of paperwork or trying to find out their password to be able to log onto their computer or their phone because they changed their password without telling you - or never told you in the first place, it's sheer panic.

You need all this information to hand to register somebody's death, to speak to the bank, to their landlords, their phone companies, and the utility supplier, car Insurers etc.

And all at a time when they are most likely feeling completely raw and vulnerable and in their grief bubble.

You get the picture here.

You can make life so much easier for them

You can make life so much easier for yourself and others, knowing that you’re leaving everything in place for them and giving them one last gift of love. (which they will thank you for when the time comes.)

So, from the heart, if you can’t think about putting your end-of-life plans in place for yourself, then think about doing it for them, the people you love most in the world.

Thank you for reading, Mala x

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