• Mala

"I wouldn't have a clue!"

Updated: Jul 14

These were the words that my sister spoke one day as we sat in the cafe, just before I was going to India, and she said to me, "if anything happened to you, I wouldn't have a clue who your friends are, or what to do, or what you would want." And it was true! My sister and I live in different locations, we have totally different lifestyles, she is married with children and I am single and have many friends and am part of a worldwide spiritual community. 

So this got me to start writing down everything that I thought my sister needed to know which was an illuminating process as there was much information to record and many decisions to make!  And I certainly didn't want to leave it to her to deal with , it was my responsibility to do this. When I finally got this done, it was a huge relief, (the same feeling as getting my Tax Return filed, lol)  no longer the thoughts of "I must get round to doing it" taking up precious time and energy, its amazing how freeing it was to do this.  

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