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Confessions in the Night-time...

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

It’s 3.30am and i have a confession to make (she says with a sheepish grin )

Before my dear friend got sick with bladder cancer, and I mean 2-3 years before, we had it all sorted - passwords to computer, ipad and phone, banks, executor info, Will, Funeral wishes - OR SO I THOUGHT!!

It's not until now in the last phase of their life, that they cannot remember the passwords to their phone and even remember how to work it anymore at times. (it got disabled after many attempts) PLUS the password for laptop which we need to access the phone with. (plus all the needed information on there also!)

. And guess what?? Neither can I!

With everything that has been going on these last months and more intense recent times with visits, calls and paperwork from carers, nurses, GP, OT, organising new bed arrivals and equipment etc etc , I, Mala, an end of life planner , for the moment, cannot remember or find where this information when it is most needed!

So, the point here is not to berate myself in public, or private, but rather to highlight the urgency and importance of getting all the digital information down on paper or tell a trusted person where it is now, before an intense situation like this arises.

Because, as we all know, we cannot hold this moment in time in place, and things change constantly and sometimes dramatically, in a very short space of time.

woman sheepish grin white blue eyes

Trust me, this will save you lots of unnecessary stress and precious time

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with love,

Mala x

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