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And we're off to the Care Home!

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

My latest update is that my dear friend is now in their new home, a Residential Care Home on the Downs in Bristol where they are receiving 24 hour care.

The move was a huge upheaval both emotionally, physically and practically for my friend, as we waited 4 hours for the extra Ambulance team to arrive.

We have decorated the room with their belongings with pictures of Osho on the mantelpiece and on the wall above the fireplace.

It has taken the pressure off me in many ways for which I am truly grateful. There is still much to do, in visiting my friend, and packing down their home and getting funeral plans in place ahead of time.

They are slowly settling in, but it is quite a shock to be in an institution where there are set daily routines and everything and everyone is so new and often confusing for them at times. Because my dear friend is at the end of life, we are allowed many more visits than other residents which is a blessing.

However, on my last visit, it was simply heart -breaking to sit with them while they were clinging onto my arm with all their might and screaming out in pain due to the cancer and pressure sores.

I called the staff for pain medication which was swiftly delivered and received, but unfortunately at times my friend is declining offers of help and care including pain management, due to confusion and lack of trust perhaps.

As they are still deemed to have Capacity then the staff’s hands are tied in certain respects so it’s a tough one and a bit of a grey area in terms of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 in my experience so far of seeing it in action.

I really pray that my dear friend’s suffering comes to an end soon, but in the meantime we are all supporting and loving them completely at this most tender of times.

Sending much love and gratitude to you all, so blessed to have you in my life, thank you!!

And if you would like support for either yourself or caring for a loved one, please book a 15 min call with me.

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Mala xx

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