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Pre - Will preparations

A shocking 45% of the UK population have written their Wills. Why is this I hear you ask? In my experience, after not wanting to think about dying and making a Will, the second biggest reason is that people do not know how to choose or ask others to be their Executors for their Will. Plus all the different choices and options and lack of information about this. 

After someone dies, emotions are running HIGH and strongly. Whether you were close to the person or not, there will be feelings ranging from anger, grief, overwhelm and need, depending on our relationship with the person who died. there could be the harbouring of ill-feeling or anger of a failed relationship of past hurts or indifference with a sibling.


All of our lives' relationships with that person will come to the surface. The cracks of a finely smoothed-over hole, or harboured secrets will often erupt after a person dies. 

Children under 18 are left without a named person Guardian to take care of them at a time when they have been left emotionally traumatised and are placed in Care whilst the court decides on who is to take care of them. this may not be the person whom you would want to raise your children. 

Family arguments and conflicts ensue, due to no instructions being left to say who gets mum's jewellery, or because a person feels they are entitled to receiving something, perhaps more than the others, or decisions about what is to be done about the house and all the possessions, both sentimental value and monetary value. 

These are all real possibilities, and ones that sadly  I have heard so many times when people say how it was after a loved one or family member died. In my own family this has happened over 2 generations and it's heartbreaking to see that at the time when we need to be looking out and loving each other, that there is a huge family rift and wound that never gets healed.


Grandchildren have been born without getting to know their grandparents because of this rift in the family, siblings falling out, long-kept secrets lurking beneath the surface, secrets being revealed, graves argued over, deathbed arguments, it is just so SAD and unnecessary. 

Preparing the foundations. Introduction to the coming weeks,  the importance of Wills, what to consider, your circumstances and addressing any concerns.

 2  Identifying & approaching potential Executors.

 3  Identifying assets, digital assets, personal possessions, our beneficiaries (and funeral wishes). 

 4 Writing all the information down, using the template.


  • Email support in between all the calls

  • My guidance and support every step of the way through the process

  • My expertise, experience, and knowledge

  • Accountability in getting things done

  • Considerations and insights that you may not have thought about before.

What this means for you:


  • Complete peace of mind knowing that your wishes are followed out upon your death and your assets will go to someone of your choosing rather than what the law states if you die Intestate. (No Will left) 


  • Knowing that you are making things as easy for your loved ones as possible who will otherwise be left to sort everything out whilst grieving and not knowing where anything is or what is to be done


  • Saves your loved ones unnecessary stress, time, and more costs having to apply for a Grant of Administration if there is no Will.


  • And finally - Getting it done!  Ready to get the Will drawn up and signed  -and not having to think or worry about it anymore.   


  • Celebration time! 


The Costs: £

Read my blog on the emotional consequences of a person not leaving a Will 

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