Meeting Elvis Presley in the Australian Outback…..🤩

Updated: May 21

It was a complete surprise!

But there he was, larger than life in the roadhouse on the Newell Highway in the middle of nowhere.

Another unexpected surprise was hearing the tragic news back in 1977, was that the King of Rock n Roll died (on the toilet of all places) at the tender age of 42! (and unexpected for Elvis and his family as well no doubt)

It just goes to show that we are not as in control of our life as we may think!

BUT we can take control in thinking and planning ahead for this eventuality in other ways, yey!:

  1. Starting a conversation with your family and friends about yours (and their) end-of-life and funeral wishes no matter your age.

  2. Put a Will in place (and let someone know where it is!)

  3. Get a Lasting Powers of Attorney registered to have a nominated person ensuring that you get the care and quality of life you wish for if you cannot communicate this for yourself

  4. Have your paperwork in order in a dedicated folder to leave for the people who will be taking care of your wishes and the practicalities.

  5. Enjoy life to the fullest and have peace of mind that it’s all taken care of in advance of an unexpected illness or death.

If this is "always on your mind" and you would like to get clear on how and where to start, then send me a personal message.

So happy to support you! Mala

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